Danielle is originally from Illinois!

Wayne is originally from Florida!

Breaking Barter News Archives...........

12-10-2011 Pottstown's Hometown Holiday Celebration

12-4-2011 Decorating the Christmas Tree

12-3-2011 Heylmun's Pine Tree Farm

11-24-2011 Renwicks visit for Thanksgiving

10-31-2011 - Halloween Store, Boo at the Zoo, Trick or Treat

10-29-2011 Chuckey Cheese

10-8-2011 Fishing at Sanatoga Lake

10-1-2011 Fire Safety Day Home Depot.

9-30-2011 First Annual Barter/Olson Dolphins Away Game (San Diego, CA)

9-24-2011 More Powerwheel Mustang Mods _ (Video Demo)

9-21-2011 Twins/Mariners at Target Field, Minneapolis, MN

9-20-2011 Twins/Mariners at Target Field, Minneapolis, MN

9-16-2011 Wayney visits me in Minneapolis, MN for a Guys weekend!  (Twins, Mall of America, And Vikings)

9-10-11 Date night at Coyote Crossing.

9-7-11 Misc pictures around the house

9-6-2011 Happy Birthday Wayney! Cake at Judy's, Opening presents, and Wayne's Birthday Party

9-3-2011 Knoebel's Amusement Park for Wayney's 6th B-day.

8-27-2011 Hurricane Irene, Wayney our aspiring meteorologist.

8-7-2011 Dad visits Minneapolis, MN for the Red Sox/Twins

7-30-2011 Carmike Theater to see Zookeeper.

7-29-2011 Wayne's Birthday!

7-17-2011 Bryan visits the Barters and visits St Peter's Village, Philadelphia, , Shady Maple, and  New York City.

7-12-2011 Renwick's Visit the Barters and do Philladelphia!

7-9-2011 Barter's go to Shankwelier's Drive-In! (Oldest in the US) to see Cars 2 and Pirates of the Carribean.

7-4-2011 Happy 4th of July (Parade, BBQ, Fireworks)

6-30-2011 Misc Pictures around the house.

6-24-2011 Wayne attends the NY Dolls, Poison, and Motley Crue in Minneapolis, MN

6-24-2011 Danielle and Taylor have front row seats to Katy Perry! at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia PA.  Taylor gets on stage and dances with her!!

6-18-2011 Chayce Swim Class

6-5-2011 Barter's do Blue Marsh Lake with Rosanna and Carlos

6-4-2011 Taylor's 10th Birthday party, Pottstown PA.

5-31-2011 Taylor and Dad in Minneapolis, MN

5-30-2011 Memorial Day Parade in Pottstown, PA

5-29-2011 Anna's Birthday at Rosanna and Carlos's place

5-26-201l Wayne's Pre K Graduation St. Pauls

5-15-2011 Misc Fishing Pictures with Carlos.

5-15-2011 Giancarlos's 2nd Birthday Party.

5-13-2011 Philadelphia Zoo with Rosanna

5-8-2011 Mother's Day at the Barter House.

5-8-2011 Pottston PA Car Show

4-30-2011 Celebrated Chayce's 3rd Birthday (May 3rd)

4-23-2011 Easter

4-27-2011 Wayne's Concert at St Pauls

4-22-2011 Olive Garden

4-10-2011 Barter Family visits Disney World in Orlando Florida

4-5-2011 PA Barters visit the NC Barters

3-27-2011 Saltman's and Barters visit the Philadelphia Zoo.

3-13-2011 Barter's visit Geno's Steaks and the Philadelphia Zoo.

3-6-2011 Chucky Cheese!

3-3-2011 Silly pictures of Chayce!

2/20/2011 Bike riding at Memorial Park in Pottstown.

2-2-2011 Ice Storm In Pottstown

1-30-2011 Snow Sledding in Pottstown, PA

12-31-2010 - New Year's Eve party at the Barter House.

12/25/2010 Christmas, Pottstown, PA

12-15-2010 Wayne's Christmas Program.

11-6-2011 November get together at the Barter House.

10-31-2010 Halloween!

10-30-2011 Tim and Cara's Halloween Party

Misc pictures around the house

Wayne and Chayce Play in the leaves

Danielle and the kids making some funky pancakes!

Trip to Monkey Joes, Pottstown PA

Barter's Visit Saltman's in DC

Barters's visit Florida

11-11-2010 Veterans Day Parade Pottstown, PA

10-2-2010 St Paul's Apple Festival (photos lost)

9-25-2010 We attend April and Matt's wedding in Altoona, PA.(photos lost)

9-24-2010 Cousin Kristi and the Kemp's visit the Barters(photos lost)

9-19-2010 Wayney's Pre-K graduation from St Al's on 5-26.

9-12-2010 Taylor hang's out in the twin cities with Dad and Grandma then is baptized on Sunday! Video of ceremony.

9-7-2010 Misc pictures around the house this summer

9-6-2010 Wayne's 5th Birthday!

9-4-2010 Ringing Rocks Park.

8-21-2010 Saying goodbye to Taylor for the summer after a wonderful visit!

8-6-2010 Barter's  visit the NC family

8-1-2010 Claire's Wedding in Anderson SC.  Good times!

7-15-2010 Danielle's 31st Birthday!

7-8-2010 - Jungle Wonder

7-7-2010 Misc around the house and YMCA pics and a few cute ones at Olive Garden.

7-4-2010 Happy 4th of July! Check out Parade Fireworks pictures.  Daddy plays a Firefighter and puts out a fire in a classic stingray Corvette.

5-20-2010 Sara and the boys visit from FL.

4-23-2010 The Barters visit NYC.

4-10-2010 Danielle ran the Pottstown YMCA 5k!

4-4-2010 Happy Easter!!

3-27-2010 Raj and Sherry are married!! Reception Pics.

3-1-2010 Misc pictures around the house.

2-22-2010 Field trip to Red Lobster.

2-14-2010 Happy Valentines Day!

2-21-2009 Monkey Joes twice: Max's Party & Angelina's Party

2-12-2010 Our neighbor Hollyann took the Barters to a real sledding hill.....Wow is all I can say.....Check out the Pictures and the 2 part video here: (Part I and Part II)

2-10-2010 Ok...it's official we broke a record....most snow ever in Philly with another 20+ inches falling today.  See snow shots and a few of Wayne removing some tree limbs that fell on our flat roof.

2-6-2010 The Barter's in PA were walloped with Snow.  Almost 24" fell. See video of  kids sledding for the 1st time.

2-5-2010 Catholic schools week: Wayney bowls with St Al's.

12-2-2009 Went to Hayesville, NC for the holidays!! Link here for all NC photo's.  It was great to be together with family and have all of the cousins together!!

11-28-2009 Went to see Cloudy w/chance of Meatballs at the Grand Theater.

11-26-2009 Happy Thanksgiving!

11-21-2009 Daddy hooked up Wayney's Stang with working headlights, tail lights, underbody neon, and a siren! Video added

11-5-2009 Raking up the leaves

10-30-2009 Grandma's Visit to PA and Halloween

10-26-2009 St. Al's Pre-K Field Trip to Varner's Farm

9-27-2009 St Al's parish picnic and Fund Raiser for Pre-K 2009 Class (Wayney is a member of the first pre-k class at St. Al's)

9-26-2009 Barter's check out Pottstown's Airport Community Day. Check the You Tube Channel for a few videos also.

9-19-2009 Wayney's First Day at Flag Football.  Check the You Tube Channel for a few videos.

9-12-2009 Parish Carnival

9-9-2009 Wayney starts Pre-K

9-6-2009 Visit Barters in NC and Wayne's 4th Birthday

8-14-2009 Wayne and Danielle throw a "Pitti party".... Welcome to PA Mike Pitti!!

8-7-2009 Mommy and Grandma visit the Philadelphia Zoo. then later head out for Mexican

8-1-2009 Barters check out Sesame Place!

7-19-2009 YMCA pool.  Taylor passes swim test!


7-18-2009 Passion Fest 2009, Pottstown PA

7-15-09 Danielle Turn's 30!!

7-4-2009 4th of July with NC Barters & Baby Rob Baptism.

6-28-2009 Danielle and Wayne's Firetruck Cake.  RIP

6-21-2009 Father's day at the Park

6-14-2009 Took the family to Arnold's family fun center.

6-6-2009 Lauren and Desi got married! Pics posted.

4-26-2009 Team Barter walks in the March of Dimes.

4-12-2009 Happy Easter! Danielle took the boys to Chicago.

3-15-2009 At the carwash.....and some pics around the house.

3-7-2009 8th Row Seats to 'When Elmo Grows Up' at the Wachovia Spectrum. (pictures added)

2-22-2009 Replaced kitchen sink, new Faucet, ran electric and added garbage disposer.

2-8-2009 Addison and Chayce's Baptism  pictures posted!

1-20-2009 Surprise visit to the NC Barters! Happy 28th Rob!

12-25-2008 Merry Christmas 2008.

12-21-2008 Mommy and Wayney make a gingerbread house

12-20-2008 Christmas caroling at the Nicom's

12-17-2008 Wayney's First Christmas Pageant.

12-13-2008 Cut down our own Christmas Tree

11-29-2008 Breakfast with Santa and new jammies!

11-18-2008 Addison Leigh Traina is born!  8lbs 8oz

11-14-2008 Chuck-e-Cheeses

11-1-2008 Chayce is eating!

10-31-2008 Trick or treat

10-25-2008 Our Cousin Kristen Dax married Neil Saltman.

10-17-2008 Drunk driver plows into my parked Cars.

9-19-2008 Multi alarm fire 5 blocks away from our home.

9-13-2008 Rob & Ashley are married in Hiawassee, GA.

9-6-2008 Wayney turns 3!!  Happy birthday buddy!

8-31-2008 Took the boys to the park.

8-30-2008 Pottstown opens a new Splash Park!

8-16-2008 Danielle took the boys to Florida.

8-15-2008 Pics from the trip taking Taylor home and a surprise "drop in" on the Renwick's.  Thanks for the BBQ and goodie bag!

7-30-2008 Took the kids to get portraits done

7-29-2008 Happy 33rd Wayne!

7-27-2008 Took the kids to Monkey Joe's

7-24-2008 Rob Jenson Barter is born.  Congrats Rob and Ashley.  Rob was 7lbs 8oz and 21 in.  Welcome newest Barter!

7-20-2008 July birthday pictures posted

7-19-2008 Wayne and Danielle celebrate 5 years of marriage.

7-15-2008 4th of July pictures from NC added and happy 29th Danielle!

6-28-2008 New Chayce Pics posted

6-24-2008 Went to pick up Taylor in MN and belated birthday party. Wayney's swim lessons.

6-11-2008 Grandma's Visit and the outdoor YMCA pool pics.

6-7-2008 The Office Depot 99 was at the Plymouth Meeting Office Depot.

6-2-2008 Danielle's cousin Sarah and Craig Squillace welcome their baby boy (Franklin James)  Congratulations Guys!

5-27-2008 Taylor turns 7!!

5-19-2008 Added a few more videos(Wayney)

5-18-2008 4 Years later... Wayne finishes the fence!

5-10-2008 Kristen visit's the Barters! Pic's here

5-7-2008 In addition to expanding the china collection Wayne worked on an outdoor Mother's Day present.

5-4-2008 Added some shots of Wayney meeting baby. A few Videos here.

5-3-2008 Happy Birthday Chayce Riley Barter!!! 7lbs 2oz - 19"

4-18-2008 Ayden Carl Pults was born on April 18 at 11:08 am.  7lbs 2oz - 19"  Congrats Sara and Carl!

3-17-2008 Our cousin January Thomas on NBC Nightly News!

3-15-2008 Added Christmas Pictures.  & Sesame Street Live

12-11-2007 Cute Video of Wayney making animal noises when asked what noise the animal makes (real cute)

12-1-2007 Cowboy's lost.... added to craig's list & pets911.com & Dogdetective.com

1-3-2008 Know of anyone looking to lease a fantastic Townhome located in Little Elm, TX 75068? Click here to link to our Realtor's Site or Click Here for Realtor.com's site.

11-22-2007 Lost Pit Bull Terrier, Missing on Thanksgiving Day in Hayesville NC 28904.  Dog's Name is "Cowboy" Please help bring Cowboy Home!  Cowboy is light Brown with some white on his chest.  He is a well behaved indoor Dog.  Please send email with any details on his whereabouts to cowboy@thebarters.org

11-15-2007 Posted Wayney's 2 year old class pictures taken at daycare.

11-5-2007 Shots of the complete Master, Spare, and Baby's room

10-31-2007  Wayney was a "dine-o" (Wayney speak for dinosaur) for Halloween!  We also had the first Ultrasound of Baby Barter...shot added.

10-7-2007 Trip to Linvilla Orchard's Pumkinland

9-22-2007 Wayne takes his 2 year old picture look at our big boy!

9-17-2007 New pics of the Master, Spare, and Baby's room.

9-6-2007 Wayne turns 2!

9-3-2007 Added some shots of Danielle's Grandmothers dining room set, wow does it look great in out 100+ year old home. Thanks Grandma!

9-2-2007 January Kuhr's wedding in Petoskey, MI

8-31-2007 Take Taylor back to MN =(

8-18-2007 The Pa Barters visit the NC Barters/Trainas

8-21-2007 Nicom BBQ

8-1-2007 Jersey shore again

7-24-2007 Jersey Shore

7-21-2007 Hershey Park!(The Barters, Kristie & Neil, Mommers)

7-20-2007 Cousin Kristie and Fiance Neil come to visit the Barters.

7-19-2007 Wayne and Danielle are married 4 years!

7-17-2007 Grandma Demma comes to visit the Barters. Rollup garage door is installed

7-8-2007 attended the Kutztown PA - German Festival

7-7-2007 Visit downtown Philly(Geno's Steaks.. Liberty Bell)

7-6-2007 The roof on the garage is ripped and replaced getting it ready for roll up doors. I also installed new lighting and service for the door opener.

7-4-2007 4th of July festivities at Memorial Park, Pottstown, Parade (in front of house) and BBQ (with the neighbors) followed by Fireworks

6-27-2007 Taylor Time!!!  Taylor comes to spend the summer with us! Jasmine also comes for the week of 4th of July from Hammond, In.(trip pics)

5-27-2007 Happy 6th Birthday Taylor!!

6-2-2007 Danielle and little Wayne head to NJ to visit LaKeyta and Kayla.  See their visit to NJ Childrens Museum.

5-28-2007 Memorial Day parade in Pottstown followed by BBQ and swimming at the Nicom House! Thank you!

5-27-2007 Getting close....We got the master bedroom painted!

5-25-2007 Pottstown's fire department arrives at our house to put out our backyard fire pit ?!  Thanks neighbors! Vaaaady Niiiiice    =)

4-28-2007 Trip to Florida for Jacqueline Zuniga's wedding in  Delray Beach Florida. Congratulations! 

4-8-2007 PA Barter's spent the Easter Holiday in Chicago with the Vlasek's and also visited with the Renwick's.

3-29-2007 The PA & NC Barter's headed to the Wisconsin Dells with Taylor! 

3-25-2007 Kristi & Neil came to visit the Barter's in PA.Click here

1-11-2007 Christmas Pictures Up! Some under Holiday Album Some others in Baby Wayne Album

12-11-2006 Wayne walkin and rockin videos added to video page.

10-31-2006 Halloween Pics are up! Check them out

10-22-2006 Cousin Justin came to visit the Barters!  Check out the pictures including a trip to the Linvilla Orchards!

10-1-2006 The Barters visit Cousin Kristi (DC & Annapolis, MD)

9-28-2006 Holly cow he's almost walking!!!  Click here

9-3-2006 Wayne's First Birthday Party Pottstown, PA.          Pictures in the Photo Album

8-8-2006 Summer pictures added to the "Holiday Album"   Follow the "View Our Online Photo Album" link above.                 

7-9-06 Added new pictures and video. Also added the new Guestbook...Please Sign it!!  =)

6-30-06 Pottstown Flood Pics added here.   

We also updated Baby Wayne's Album here

5-29-06 Memorial Day Pictures (Rob and Kim's, Pottstown parade pictures, Nicom Family BBQ) here.

5-27-06 Happy 5th Birthday Taylor!

5-27-06 Link to Grandma and Grandpa's Picture Click here. (Original Picture here)

5-6-06 New Easter Pictures added follow link to Barter Photo Albums

3-1-06 What was Wayne's First Words? Click here to find out!

1-18-06 Does little Wayne like Sweet Potatoes? What does he think of his saucer? (Thanks Adrienne!) Click Here

1-9-05 New Pictures from Christmas and Wayne's trip to Florida with Mommy.

12-4-05 Little Wayne's Christening was today!

(Come see little Wayne's Website) Click Here

9/6/05 Baby Wayne has arrived!!!  Mom and Baby are doing great!!!    8 pounds 7 ounces 19.5 inches 2:38 AM

8/16/05 The Barter's home in Little Elm, TX is available for Lease.  Realtor.Com Listing    Our Realtor's Listing

7/29/05 Wayne turns 30.....he's no spring Chicken! (pictures in the Barter Photo Albums)

7/19/05 Wayne and Danielle are married 2 years!

7/15/05 Danielle turns 26! (pictures in the Barter Photo Albums)

6/18/05 Taylor spends the summer with Wayne and Danielle (Lots or Summer 2005  pictures in the Barter Photo Albums)

5/15/05 Danielle attends Baby Shower in Delray Beach, FL.  Thanks to all of our family and friends for your generosity.  With your help, we are acquiring all of the items needed to bring Baby Barter home from the Hospital.  Pictures are now posted on the Baby Barter Website.

5/14/2005 Holly and Derek are married.  Thanks for including us in your big day, we love you and wish you all the best in your new unity!  Pictures from their beautiful ceremony (located at the Breakers in Palm Beach) are posted here: The Condra Wedding.

4/18/05  Spring Bloom photo album added (follow the new photo albums link below)

4/8/2005 Danielle and I just got back from the Ultrasound.....For all of the latest Baby Barter details and online registry information please visit the Baby Barter Website (Pregnancy Album added 5-9-05)

3/14/2005 We celebrate the passing of our Grandmother.  You  define the meaning of Grandmother.  You have touched all of our lives like no other.  Thank you for everything.  I have gathered a few pictures and established a memorial photo album.  Please feel free to take a look.

2/2005 Rob relocates to West Palm Beach, Florida from Little Elm, Texas.  Drop him a line to say hello.